Providing head on shrimp, that is value added products itself, needs special set of skills, especially in harvesting and transporting the fresh child shrimp to the processing plants as well as its quick processing in the most shortest time with the most accurate operation, as the time and the hot ambient temperature, is against the maintenance of the shrimp freshness. We, by applying appropriate quick operations, have neutralized as much as possible the said negative factors.
The shrimp raw color is A1 to A3 and will be packed according to the orders.

The head on shrimp sizes are as below (sizes are pieces/kg)

30/40 - 40/50 - 50/60- 60/70 - 70/80 - 80/100


The goods will be packed in 1 or 2 kg inner cartons (boxes) in 12 kg Master cartons.

Due to the short harvest season that is between 1 to 2 months in each aquaculture zone, the processing plants work usually 24 hours per day on packing head on products and have almost no time for producing other products such as headless, PTO, PUD, PD in the main harvest season.

Therefore for any of such orders must be placed far before the season in order to arrange the time for its production.

For more information about the products please contact our office.