Providing head on shrimp, that is value added products itself, needs special set of skills, especially in harvesting and transporting the fresh child shrimp to the processing plants as well as its quick processing in the most shortest time with the most accurate operation, as the time and the hot ambient temperature, is against the maintenance of the shrimp freshness. | Read More


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Since seafood consumption has not found its own place in Iranians’diet yet, Canned tuna, due to its ease of use & high nutrition value, plays a significant role among the majority of the population, especially the students and the youths, who rely on canned tuna as their primary substitute-source of seafood. Sadr Darya with its s20 years of experience has always been an active member of Iranian domestic market. | Read More


SADR DARYA Company is an official representative of Blue Aqua International Company in Iran, which operates in the field of production and distributing of Special services and advice in order to increase the efficiency of aquaculture production, retrofit and prevent disease, increase profitability and overall farms hatcheries and sustainable fish and shrimp farming with environmentally friendly features, operating all over the world. | Read More