Export Fish

  • Scientific name: sphyraena forsteri cuvier

    English name: bigeye barracuda

    Size: 0.5 kg – 1.5 and 2 kg up10 %

    Big season: may /jun - march / april

  • Arius dussumieri valenciennes

    English name: Blacktip sea catfish

    size: 700gr - 2 kg

    Big season: Until 15 of April

    And abundant is on march

  • Scientific name: Nemipterus japonicus

    English name: Japanese threadfin bream

    Size: 4/5 pcs /kg = L --- Size: 5/10 pcs/kg = M

    Big season: December/ january/ Februry/ march

  • Scientific name: ?

    English name: lizard fish

    Size: 300 gr – 3 kg

    Big season: December/ january/ Februry/ march

  • Scientific name: parastromateus niger

    English name: black pomfret

    Size: 300 gr – 3 kg

    Big season: september/ october/november

    And again catch is in /april / may/ june

  • Scientific name: Rastrelliger kanagurta

    English name: indian mackerel

    Size: 50 gr – 250 gr

    Big season: January / February

  • Scientific name : lethrinus nebulosus

    English name : spangled emperor

    Size : 500 gr- 2.5 kg - 3 kg up 10%

    Big season: December/ january/ Februry/ march

  • Scientific name: scomberomorus commerson

    English name: narrow – barred spanish mackerel

    Size: 1.5 kg – 2 kg – 2 kg up

    Big season: September/ November/ December

  • Scientific name : scomberoides commersonnianus

    English name : Talang queenfish

    Size: 3 kg up

    Big season: abundant is in may/June /July

    And again catching in September/ October/ December/ november

  • Scientific name : megalaspis cordyla

    English name : torpedo scad

    Size : 2 kg – 4 kg

    Big season : abundant is in June /July

    And again cache in December/ january/ February / march

  • Scientific name : Trichiurus lepturus linnaeus

    English name : ribbon fish

    Size : ss/s/m/l/xl/xxl

    Big season: December/ January/ february/ march/ april

  • Scientific name: Ophichthus apicalis bennett

    English name: Bluntnose snake eel

    Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL

    Big season: December/ january/ February/ march

  • Scientific name: Ribbon fish

    We process more than 500 tons ribbon fish (land frozen )in Iran

    we collect from all port of Iran

    we process as bellow detail: size 100-200 200-300 300-500 500-700 700-1000 1000-up

  • Scientific name: Eel fish


    SIZE: 300-500G/500-1000G/1000-2000G/2000-3000G/3000-UP

    packing: 20kg per cartons (2 block 10kg in one mr cartons )

    processing: w/r and fillet

  • Scientific name: Cuttle fish

    size: 50-100g/100--200g/200-300g/300-500g/500-1000g/1000-2000g/2000-3000g/3000-up

    packing: 16kg net

    processing: w/r and fillet

    we export more than 500 tons through out a year